1. When did I last use the item?  If you haven’t used the item in the past 12 months it is unlikely you will need it in the coming year.  Letting go of these item will open up space in your home and in your life.
  2. Do I need this item for a specific date in the future?  Holding on to items stacked in your closet because you may lose weight (treat yourself to a new outfit when it happens), or furniture in your garage because your children may need it when they move out (they would rather have modern from Ikea).  Ask yourself are these items worth the stress this clutter is causing in the meantime.
  3. Does the item have a legal or tax purpose.  Unfortunately there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be kept indefinitely, but much of what we file can be shredded after a year has passed.
  4. Would it be hard to replace this item again if I needed.  Are you keeping the old vaccum cleaner in the garage because the new improved one you purchased may cease to work, if so let it go
  5. Does the item make life more purposeful or beautiful.  Holding on to Grandmas china packed away in a box in the garage is not honoring her memory.  Bring the china out and use it, or take a photo to honor the memory of all those wonder meals with her and then move the china on.