Home and Office Organizing

Having an organized home, free from clutter, can have many benefits aside from just looking clean:


  • Peace of mind – More than simply clean, an organized home gains harmony from things having their place, out of the way, yet still available
  • Cost Savings – When you increase the amount of space that you have, you gain space in your home. If you do not have to use storage services, you’ve saved a lot of money!
  • Zen – An organized home is a more welcoming place to live; an organized office a happier place to work.

Living Spaces

dining room before

Dining Room Before

dining room after

Dining Room After


Are your closets over flowing?  Jenny’s closets were so stuffed that when she was able to find the outfit she wanted, she then had to spend time re-ironing her outfit creating a very stressed morning.  Did you know that most people wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time?

Let’s purge your closet and organize them to make your day and your life more productive.

closet - disorganized

Closet Before

closet - organized

Closet After

craft closet before

Craft Closet Before

craft closet after

Craft Closet After


We rarely recommend to our clients that they get an additional storage area. We use the space and resources available to us to organize the space.

garage - disorganized

Garage Before

garage organized

Garage After

work shed before

Workbench Before

work shed after

Workbench After


It's about more than a space. It's about your life.

  • What’s working and what isn’t?
  • Where is the clutter and how did it happen?
  • Who does this affect and how will they be involved?

How it Works

  • Together, we find ways to improve things at a minimum of cost to you.
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